Accra, Dec. 17, GNA – Professor Goski Alabi, the Co-Founder of the Laweh Open University College, says the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has vindicated the vision of open distance education in Ghana and the continent at large.


Open education is a system of learning where educators teach students via e-platforms or social networks.

It gives learners the flexibility to choose from a variety of options concerning time, place, instructional methods, modes of access, and other factors related to their learning processes.

She made the remark on Thursday, when the Laweh Open University College, held its 39th congregation ceremony to confer Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Honours on 50 and 11 students respectively in Accra.

The graduates offered varied disciplines including Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, Accounting and Finance, and Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Professor Alabi said the University College which was not well received prior to its introduction in Ghana as a result of lack of insight about the concept and its importance in Ghana, had had its vision justified and reiterated amid the desire by schools and learners to adopt the online learning systems in the wake of the respiratory….read more

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