Laweh Open University College in collaboration with Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB) 2020, Clarissa Naa Dedei Botchwey, on Thursday presented full scholarships to two females to pursue four-year undergraduate degree programmes at the University.
The beneficiaries, Ms Sophia Selasi Quashigah, 31 and mother of three, and Ms Cordelia Naa Yartekar Sampson, 21 and a mother of one, were selected for the award after going through a competitive process. Both Sophia and Cordelia opted to pursue Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management.
Meanwhile, Sophia is also being considered by Laweh’s partner institution, the Open University of Tanzania, for Law.
The collaboration between Laweh and GMB 2020 was grounded on the principle that both benefactors believe in inclusive education, especially for the disadvantaged.
Sophia and Cordelia were profoundly grateful to Laweh and GMB 2020 for the generous gesture, explaining that, but for the scholarship their education would have ended after Senior High School. They promised to be studious, responsible and disciplined to go through their programmes.
Speaking at the event, Prof. Mrs. Goski Alabi, Consulting President of Laweh Open University College, said the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Four(SDG 4) is in sync with the Open University concept; hence the scholarship by the University. SDG 4 states, “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.
Naa Dedei Botchwey was delighted to be identified with the scholarship and felt fulfilled that through her contribution the two awardees could pursue university education and become useful to society and Ghana at large in future.
The Dean of Law and Business Faculty at Laweh, Mr Kaaka Ziem-Dello, assured the awardees that besides the scholarship, Laweh would, through its Supported Blended Learning, provide them academic expertise and guidance to get them through their tutorials, online conferencing, study networks and course fora.

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