LAWEH Leadership Lab

Laweh Open University College has a global Centre of excellence for the provision of practical leadership training, career development and organizational services for corporate institutions and individuals.


Provision of leadership, career and organization development services for global impact.

Objectives of LLC

• To provide avenues for individuals to identify their career paths and developments.

• Provides career planning and leadership development using multiple validated personality tests.

• Help students to identify, dominant learning styles and personal strengths and weakness to advice on their career paths.

• To provide professional grooming and business etiquette training for executive, politicians, public officials and diplomats.

• To provide short courses on business/executive leadership development and related issues across multiple sectors.

• To provide mentorship and coaching programmes to support personalities and corporate bodies to achieve their goals.

• Focuses on 21st Century differentiations skills, team’s skills, social skills, problem solving skills, and communications both verbal and non-verbal with special emphasizes on body language and public speaking skills.

• Undertakes a personal diagnostic before providing development solution and services.

• Provide a platform for leaders to meet, learn and network through summits, colloquiums, seminars and conferences to discuss leadership agendas facing corporate institutions and Africa in the 21st century.

What Makes the Laweh Leadership Laboratory Unique?

• Delighting and transforming our clients into leaders with a global appeal for impact is our major concern.

• Our expects are second to none, and considered some of the finest world-class leadership practitioners.

• Our most innovative career and leadership labs and serene environment make a huge difference.

• No need to travel or leave the comfort of your home we bring our service to your door step. Our lab is mobile. Our client’s delight is our reason for existence.