MBA Entrepreneurship


The MBA Entrepreneurship specialization Globalization combines theory and practical applications from experienced and successful entrepreneurs and academicians to offer practical based learning to develop successful entrepreneurial leaders. This uniqueness of the curriculum shall create and empowers entrepreneurial leaders who have the passion and the drive to develop their skills, knowledge and courage necessary for starting up successful businesses. It utilizes an innovative design, moving away from the traditional pedagogy of curriculum design to integrate course subjects in a systemic and realistic process, better mirroring the world. Furthermore, it weaves together basic foundations of business and psychology, focusing on the development of the whole person rather than just targeting a few isolated skills. If you are an existing or aspiring small business owner or corporate entrepreneur who wants a change from the high failure rates of entrepreneurship, this program is for you. It will help you identify, commercialize and create entrepreneurial opportunities so you can become an innovative manager within the private, public or non-profit sectors, both locally and internationally.

 Level 600 Part 1-First trimester
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
MCC 601 Research Methods 3
MCC 603 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 3
MCC 605 Organization Behavior 3
MCC 607 Digital Fluency 4
Total Credits   13
Level 600 Part 1- Second trimester
MCC 602 Marketing Management 3
MCC 604 Managerial Economics 3
MCC 606 Business Law 3
MEC 608 Accounting for Entrepreneurial Decision Making 4
Total Credit    13
Level 600 Part I – Third trimester
MCC 609 Strategic Management 4
MCC 607 Entrepreneurship 3
MEC 613 Business Planning and Negotiation 4
MEC 615 Project Management 4
Total Credits   15
Level 600 Part II – Fourth Trimester
MEC 614 Risk Management 4
MEC 611 Managing Growth and Entrepreneurial Development 4
Free Elective (Choose one)
MEC 618 Venture Creation 4
MEC 620  Marketing of SMEs 4
Total Credit   12
Level 600 Part II – Fifth Trimester
MEC 619 Social Entrepreneurship 4
MCC 610 Project work (Field Practice) 8
Free Elective (Choose one)  
MEC 619 Small Business Strategy 4
MEC 621 Electronic Commerce 4
Total Credit   12
Level 600 Part II – Sixth Trimester
  Capstone defense, clearance and Graduation  
Grand Total  
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