MBA Finance and Accounting


The Programme is designed to prepare successful applicants to assume a larger role in strategically managing their organizations’ financial and other key resources. The philosophy of the university to blend scholarship with practical based teaching and learning. The programme therefore aims is to develop students’ expertise in key financial areas while also developing their business and leadership skills. This unique concentration provides a competitive advantage for middle and top management to acquire competencies in accounting, auditing and finance. Students will explore and develop their understanding of all aspects of accounting such as financial accounting, financial reporting, cost and management accounting, auditing, taxation and Financial Management.

 Level 600 Part 1-First trimester
Course Code Course Name                                                                                                 Credit Hours
MCC 601 Research Methods 4
MCC 603 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 4
MCC 605 Organization Behavior 3
MCC 607 Digital Fluency 4
Total Credits   15
Level 600 Part 1- Second trimester
MCC 602 Marketing Management 3
MCC 604 Managerial Economics 3
MCC 606 Business Law 3
MCC 608 Financial Accounting 4
Total Credit hours   13
Level 600 Part II – third trimester
MCC 609 Strategic Management 3
MAC 611 Financial Reporting 3
MAC 613 Auditing 4
MAC 615 Taxation and Fiscal Policy 4
Total Credits   15
Level 600 Part II – Fourth trimester
MAC 612 Cost and Management Accounting 4
MCC 614 Strategic Leadership 4
Free Elective (Choose one)    
MAC 616 Financial Management 4
MAC 618 Financial Risk Management 4
Total Credits   16
Level 600 Part II – Fifth trimester
MAC 617 Public Sector Accounting 4
MCC 619 Project work 8
Free Elective (Choose one)    
MAC 621 Corporate Reporting 4
MAC 623 Investment and Portfolio Analysis 4
Total Credits   16
Grand Total    75