MBA Human Resource Management


The programme provides the foundation for the nature of managing human resources in both domestic and multinational firms. The programme thus intend to provide current skills, knowledge, and understanding of Human Resource Management. The MBA programme offers a rich and diverse foundation for managers in the complex business environment. With focus on leadership and learning, this programme covers all aspects of human administration for middle and top level management. The programme provides a basis for the optimum organization and employment of human resources to accomplish strategic organizational objectives; personnel functions in recruitment and selection, training and development, promotion and succession planning; relevant behavioral research; legal environment; comparison and contrast of the public and private sectors.

Level 600 Part 1-First trimester
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
MCC 601 Research Method 3
MCC 603 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 3
MCC 605 Organization Behavior 3
MCC 607 Digital Fluency 4
Total Credits   13
Level 600 Part 1- Second trimester
MCC 602 Managerial Economics 3
MCC 604 Marketing Management 3
MCC 606 Business Law 3
MCC 608 Accounting for Decision Making 3
Total Credit   13
Level 600 Part I – Third trimester
MCC 609 Strategic Management  
MHC 611 Recruitment and Selection 4
MHC 613 Employment and Labour Law 4
MHC 615 Human Resource Management 4
Total Credits   15
Level 600 Part II – Fourth trimester
MHC 612 Strategic Compensation  and Performance Management 4
MHCC 614 Training and Development 4
MCC 616 Strategic Leadership 4
Free Elective Choose (One)  
MHE 618 Occupational Health and Safety 4
MHE 622 International HRM 4
Total Credit   15
Level 600 Part II – Fifth trimester
MCC 610 Project Work                8
Free Elective Choose (One)    
MHE 617 Human Resource information Management System 4
MHE 619 Conflict Management and Negotiations 4
Total credits   12
Level 600 Part II – Sixth trimester
  Capstone Defense, Clearance and Graduation  
Grand Total    68