MBA Procurement and Supply Chain management


The Master of Business Administration degree in Supply Chain Management focuses on core supply chain management such as contracts, negotiations, project management and procurement management. Building off of the core curriculum of the MBA program, this specialization intends to prepare learners aspiring to work as middle to top level managers with business and government organizations, either locally or globally. Leveraging the emerging research, students explore total lifecycle approaches to procurement in a strategic and sustainable manner. This unique concentration provides a competitive advantage for leaders looking to master their skills in supply chain management. And as a unique discipline that integrates technology, innovation, e-commerce and many inter-organizational relationships, the programme is intended to strengthen participants with tools to practice in real life business practices.

Level 600 Part 1-First Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
MCC 601 Research Methods 4
MCC 603 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 4
MCC 605 Organizational Behaviour 4
MCC 607 Digital Fluency 4
Total Credit 16
Level 600 Part 1- Second Semester
MCC 602 Marketing Management 4
MCC 604 Managerial Economics 4
MPC 606 Legal Aspects of Business in Procurement and Supply 4
MCC 608 Accounting for Decision Making 4
Total Credits 16
Level 600 Part 2- First Semester
MCC 609 Strategic Management 4
MPC 611 Procurement Management 4
MPC 613 Public Procurement Management in Ghana 4
MPC 615 Strategic Supply Chain Management 4
Total Credits 16
Level 600 Part II – Second Semester
MPC 612 Warehouse design and Materials Handling 4
MCC 614 Strategic Leadership 4
MPC 616  Logistics Management 4
Free Elective (Chose One)
MPC 616 Electronic Supply Chain Management 4
MPC 618 Procurement Planning Monitoring and Evaluation 4
Total Credit  8
MPC 617 Negotiation and contracting in Procurement and Supply 4
MCC 610 Project Work 8
Free Electives (Choose One)
MPC 619 Risk Management in Procurement and Supply Chain Management 4
MPC 621 Sustainable and Environmental Management 4
Total Credit 8
Capstone Defense, Clearance and Graduation
Grand Total  68