MSc Development Economics


In contemporary times, the need to develop high-performing human capital for the 21st century is not simply evident but paramount for emerging economies like Africa. The University, therefore, recognizes the need to contribute towards the rapid development of the Ghanaian economy for enhanced productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. The MSc Development Economics programme is intended to equip students who aspire to work in public sector organizations, private sector firms and international organizations with contemporary econometric tools. The advanced and technically rigorous nature of the programme also serves as an excellent foundation for PhD programmes and other research-focused roles. The programme is to provide current skills, knowledge, and understanding of development economics in nation building and growth. It offers a rich and diverse foundation for managing in a global economy. Each course within the program challenges students to critically assess traditional theories of economics and explores the new dimensions created by globalization and economic challenges.

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
Level 600 Part I- First trimester
MCC 601 Research Methods 4
MDC 603 Microeconomics 4
MCC 607 Digital Fluency 4
Total Credit   12
Level 600 Part I- Second trimester
MDC 602 Economic Growth and Development 4
MDC 604 Macroeconomics 4
MDC 606 International Economics I (Trade) 4
Total Credit   12
Level 600 Part I- Third trimester
MCC 604 Managerial Economics 4
MDC 605 Econometrics 4
Select One elective
MCC 602 Marketing Management 4
MDC 609 Poverty, Wealth and Development 4
MDC 603 Project Appraisal 4
Total Credit   12
Level 600 Part II- Fourth trimester
MDC 612 International Economics II (Finance) 4
MDC 604 Strategic Leadership 4
Select One elective
MDC 603 Operations Research 4
MDC 605 Environment and Resource Economics 4
MDC 607 Political Economy 4
Total Credit   12
Level 600 Part II- Fifth trimester
MCC610 Thesis 12
Total Credit   60